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Last update for this page 2/13/2022

Click on pictures Pictures with blue borders to see video
New videos have been added near bottom of page

Dan dredging

Dan using new clean up high banker for what turned out to be a 2oz clean up

Very rare view of mt Denali with No Clouds(Aprox. 90 miles away!)

New 8 inch dredge after it was assembled for the very first time

Click HERE to see a view of our camp on the first day of setup for 2021

Click HERE to see a view of our camp 7 days later during flood
The water came up another 8-10 inches after this video was taken before the river finally crested

Click HERE to see our daily commute
I mounted the camera on the front of the HOV and because of the vibrations the video is a bit shaky

Click HERE to see a view of our camp in early July.
Note there are almost no clouds on this day.
The haze you see is from a fire about 200 miles away in Fairbanks

Click HERE to see a view of the dredge as it was running

Click HERE to see a video made from clips that Gil took during the month of June
His plan was to Edit these and then post them to Utube
That never happened.
These videos are only from June, before we moved to the good spot.
NOTE: this one is a long one. It's about 75 minutes long